Formulation Research & Development

We understand Client specific requirements and recognise its importance. We know that formulation development is a logical, data-driven process, where the formulation strategy is the result of an analysis of the physiochemical characteristics of the API, the intended manufacturing process, key patient compliance issues and the strategic goals of the company. 

Our development skills include a wide range of technologies including:

  • Tablets & Capsules
  • Powders & granules for reconstitution (sachets, bottles)
  • Solutions and drops
  • Suspensions, Syrups and Elixirs
  • Creams, pastes, ointments and gels
  • Extended release / delayed released / timed release / pulsed release
  • Dispersible, effervescent, chewable, soluble, sub-lingual tablets
  • Taste optimized formulations.

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